Here’s Me

Welcome! My name is Joyell Nevins, and although I’m just a woman who comes from a little town, I serve a very big God. And I have learned that when I walk with Him and my Lord Jesus, they can turn even an ordinary trip to the grocery store into an extraordinary divine adventure.

So pull up a chair, take a look around, and meet some of the people I’ve encountered. Hear some of the crazy connections that only God could make. The names may be changed in these tales, but all of the stories are true. And the best part? There is nothing special about me: I just take God at His Word and expect Him to show up, in the extravagant and in the mundane. And He comes through – all the time.

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“What I long for is our God, the One who bedazzled the heavens and razzle-dazzled the earth, to meet us in such a way that we find ourselves awestruck by His goodness and generosity, His provision and presence. I’m praying for pixie dust.” Margaret Feinberg