What’s Your Agave?

The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware. – Henry Miller

One of the beauties of walking with the Lord and being fully aware is that you never know when an ordinary exchange will turn into a thought-provoking conversation.

I was recently getting a cashier’s check at the bank for my landlords, Agave Ridge Townhomes. The teller commented that he knew how to spell “agave” because of his ex-girlfriend.

Apparently, she was slightly obsessed with agave plants and used to point them out during car rides and walks (yes, agave plants exist in southern California). Agaves were her “thing.”


Dragon Tree Agave Plant

Here’s where being aware of the moment you’re in, versus where you’re going next, makes the difference between ho-hum and WOW. Rather than ignoring him or making some non-committal ‘oh, that’s nice,” I stopped and asked “What’s your agave?”

“Airplanes,” he replied emphatically.

Without hesitation, this bank teller started to share his dream of wanting to become a pilot. His whole persona changed. He talked about how much he loved flying and the hours he’s already completed about small jets. I would have had no clue that the guy who counts money by day soars on clouds in his off time!

Before I left, I encouraged him to keep pursuing his passion. And it got me thinking about what I’m passionate about and what makes me glow… and reminded me that everyone has a story.

So what is YOUR agave, readers?

Dream Big


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