Forget the Cookie, Give Me Prayer!

One of the great blessings in my life is unexpected opportunities to pray with someone (because prayer CHANGES things). It’s also a treat when someone wants to pray for me – especially when it’s out of the blue.

Currently, one of my jobs is working at a juice bar, set right next to a bakery. That bakery serves cookies. Not just any cookie, mind you, but what they call “The Cookie.” It’s a lot of dark chocolate and nutty goodness.

One night, two thirty-something men came in and were ordering said Cookies. As I finished with one of the pair on the register, the other asked me,

“Is there anything we can pray for you for?”

It stopped me in my tracks. I normally get a “how are you doing tonight” or “wow, these cookies are terrific.”  I asked the gentlemen if they had come from church or a Bible study – nope, they were just having a guys’ night and literally came over to the store to get a Cookie dessert.

At first, I was going to ask for a good night at work (closing can be hit-or-miss sometimes), and then I thought no way! I know the power of prayer, and if these men are willing to stand with me in faith, I’m not wasting this shot on anything run-of-the-mill.

So I gave a brief description of a situation heavy on my heart, and immediately the second man said “Well, can we pray for you right now?” Right at the counter. Again, I was taken aback, but so admired their boldness and willingness!

Unfortunately, at that point, there were several customers that came up behind them, so I couldn’t stop to pray right then. But they told me, “we’re going to pray for you as soon as we get into the parking lot.”

And I have no doubt they did (and by the way, changes did happen in that situation on my heart). Thank you, random strangers willing to step out for the Lord, for making my night!

What do YOU need prayer for, readers?


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