Calling on heaven…in a bar


Image credit: “Window Of Heaven” by Gwen Meharg,

I admire those of you who walk out your door ready to minister, and simply skate above the trials of life. Nothing phases you, and you’re always “on” for the Lord.

Yeah, not there yet.

Once again, God had to yank me out of my funk and remind me that Joyell, it is so not about you. But it is about the concern He has for His people, no matter what they look like, where they are or what they’re going through.

I was writing a newspaper article on the Veterans Acupuncture Community Clinic ran by Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (a completely amazing group of people, by the way, who have great success with their patients!). I had already interviewed the supervisors and founders, and this was supposed to be a quick pop-in to the clinic itself to see the concept in person.

For several different reasons (none of which bear against the clinic), three hours later I was still there. Now I’m hungry, because we’re way past dinner time and I was not prepared, it’s getting late, and I’m getting cranky (yes, ‘hangry’ was a word invented for people such as myself…and my dad!).

Well, I can’t get food, I can’t leave yet, so I thought I’m at least getting some water. The clinic is held in the hall of an American Legion, who opens their doors to them for free. The hall is located directly above the Legion’s bar.

I went down to the bar to ask for water, and mentioned that I came from upstairs. A middle aged woman standing nearby asks me about the clinic, which of course I have nothing but good things to say. Then she launches into her physical maladies – and any concern about my own hunger, stops. Immediately.

Annie deals with several crippling physical problems, including sciatica. She wakes up in the middle of night with excruciating cramps; she can barely get through her job because she’s on her feet and the pressure becomes overwhelming. Her voice caught when speaking of the pain she lives with on a daily basis.

I’ve met people who whine – Annie did not strike me as a whiner. She struck me as someone who is trying to put on a good face, but is exhausted inside from the daily fight.

I definitely recommended for her to check out the clinic for help in the future (they were done accepting patients for the night). But I couldn’t just leave her with that. I said, Annie, I know a God who created our bodies and can put them back together – can we pray before I go?

She jumped on it – grabbed my arm and brought me in a corner over by the pool table. She was more than willing to let me lay my hands on her back, and I started praising God and speaking over her body, claiming the healing that needed to come.

But not just physical healing – when I touched her, God moved my heart for her. This woman had been though traumatic emotional pain, too. I prayed for her heart, for this princess of God, and brought God’s love and healing and light into the situation.

There, in a bar, by a pool table, Annie and I called on heaven. And God showed up, in Jesus’s name.

Epilogue: Annie and I did not exchange numbers, but I continue to pray for her and her husband John. I know that God is following through on His promise of healing wholeness. He will get them to who and where they need to go.


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