Prayer in God’s Living Room

Prayer in God’s Living Room:

It’s pretty fantastic to get the opportunity to pray with someone, and to bring God’s light and heart into a situation. When it’s a random stranger, that just adds an interesting layer. But turns out it’s just as fantastic to be the one being prayed for – especially when that someone is a random stranger!

I was out for coffee with one of my best girls, the friend I made in Make It a Good Day, in a two-story coffee house. We had just come from an evening Bible fellowship and were laughing it up. An older man came down the stairs and casually commented, “I want some of what you ladies are having,” as he was making his way towards the door.

I said, “well, God is so good, how can you not be filled with joy?” He stopped and turned towards us. “Did you say God is good? Well, you must be a believer then.” I replied that as a matter of fact, we were. He introduced himself, we started talking about churches and fellowships and serving the Lord and trials we faced, and I began to look for an opportunity to offer prayer.

He completely beat me to the punch. William turned to go and asked, “well, can I pray for you ladies before I leave?” I was surprised (because apparently I’m the only one who can initiate prayer – oh Lord, help me with my spiritual ego!!), but of course wasn’t going to turn down prayer. And then he began.

Readers, prayer is such a powerful weapon when you know how to wield it. And William knew how to wield it, and he knew Who he was talking to. I went quickly from an inner attitude of ‘oh, this is nice,’ to ‘wow, this guy is serious.’ My spirit quickened and my ears perked up.

He prayed blessings over us and our ministries. He prayed for our future and our visions. He spoke truth over us. He thanked God for sending us to encourage him (can you believe it!), telling God ‘you know, I was up there crying and defeated and heard these women, and it just encouraged me and gave me new hope.’ I was humbled and floored by his confession and his prayer.

Then William was done and made to leave – but I just had to hug him before he went! (of course, I asked permission first). He thanked God for sending us to him? I would say thank you, God, for sending him to us. How awesome is our God, that blessings and encouragement is so often a two-way street.

May God continue to place people to inspire in William’s path, and may He open our eyes to the opportunities that are already around us to shower His love and grace. May He remind me that His power and provision often show up in the most unexpected ways, and that I can never presume to know how someone moves with Him.

Bonus blessing: See the photo with the two armchairs? I had gotten to the coffee house before my friend and was walking around checking it out. I saw those two armchairs by the window and thought man, that would be the perfect spot for us. But there was a guy in one of them on a laptop who seemed deep into his work. Ah, well. But when my friend arrived less than 20 minutes later and we ordered and went to sit down – guess what two seats were all of a sudden open! Thank you Lord, for big life-changing blessings, and for those small bonus blessings, too.


2 thoughts on “Prayer in God’s Living Room

  1. Thanks for the encouraging story! It is so funny how God brings the right people into our path, always in the right place at the right time:)

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