What’s Your Word?

What’s your word?

It’s common practice to make New Year’s resolutions – a list of goals or do’s and don’ts that we may or may not actually have the willpower and means to make come true. But what about a vision? A word that signifies where you want to go; what you want your life to embody? What is your one word for 2017?

That was the question posed to me by a skin care therapist recently. In my limited experience with spas, they are quiet places, free of chatter. When I was treated to a facial, I expected soothing music and relaxing vibes. I was not expecting to have my brain stretched – but sometimes it’s good to evaluate where you are and where you want to go!

The woman giving my facial informed me she wasn’t just a skin care specialist, she was a self-care specialist. She believed in treatment of the whole mind, body and soul. So along with applying organic products and lovely smelling goo on my face, she asked questions designed to make me think critically about my life and heart.

The question that stuck with me was “what is your word for this year”? What is your focus? What do you want your life to look like? Peace or love was too general of an answer, she said when I tried to go an easy route (although those are both good things!).

I settled on “balance.” Too often I feel like my life is running ahead of me; that I’m not in control of my schedule or tasks, but just going hectically from current obligation to urgent matter.

I doubt I will ever have a low-key life, and I’m okay with that. But I want to be able to breathe through my days – to feel like I am choosing where to spend my time and energy. I am the only one who gets to control my life, and I want to live my days with purpose. I love a line I heard many years ago that has always stuck with me: “God is just never in a hurry, and the devil always is.”

A good friend I posed this same question to chose “grace.” From the Latin word gratia, it means a pleasing quality, good will or gratitude. I love that vision, too.

Now I pose this question to you – what about you, reader? What will your word be for the upcoming year? May God bring you great fulfillment and expand your vision for 2017 and beyond!

Note: For more information about the self-care specialist, visit her Facebook page. She also works with a yoga therapist and health coach to give “Destination: Healing” retreats. They take a group of women into a cottage in the California mountains for an intimate weekend of physical treatments and mental workouts designed to bring whole-body healings. I love this rare concept!



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