Praying for a Miracle

Praying for a Miracle

Right after this photo was taken, these two wonderful – amazing – women showed me what true boldness and faith looks like.

Annie and Maggie and I were just out for a stroll in a California park bordering a beautiful, but dangerous, cliff drop-off to the ocean below. We noticed at the far corner of the park several fire trucks and some type of commotion. As soon as we start walking that way, Annie grabbed Maggie’s hand, who grabbed mine, and then Annie just prayed peace into the situation and wisdom for the public servants involved.

When we got to the spot where everyone was crowded around, we learned that a 21-year-old girl had climbed the fence with the big danger sign on it to get a better view or picture, slipped and fell hundreds of feet below. The fire trucks were gearing up to send a fireman down to retrieve what they figured to be the dead body.

My initial reaction? What a shame for a life to be cut so soon, but what an idiot to climb into what is clearly marked a DANGER ZONE. That’s like someone that climbs into a lion’s cage and is surprised when the lion bites them.

But I was schooled. Annie and Maggie flew into action, grabbed me and went to a spot slightly away from the commotion, and then they started to pray. Out loud. Hands outstretched. As in, don’t mess around, we are engaging heaven right now. I felt like I was in a movie, except, they were for real.  They weren’t putting on a show for anyone. They were praying to their God and Father in heaven, in the name of Jesus Christ, backing down the devil, and praying for life to be restored and for breath to come back in her right there.

As the crowd milled down, Annie and Maggie moved us closer to where the fire trucks were and continued to pray. When someone would walk up and ask “what’s going on” or “what are you doing,” Maggie answered very matter-of-factly “We’re praying for a miracle.” Some people prayed with us, some shook their heads in amazement, some just didn’t know how to react!

Now, I wish this story could end with, and then the girl sat up and began to breathe! Sadly, she still passed away, and our prayers continue to be with the family. But what sticks out to me and what rocked my world was Annie and Maggie’s complete lack of fear, lack of embarrassment, and courage to push their faith as far as it would go. And even though that girl is still dead, I have no doubt that spiritual forces were moving – that the spiritual atmosphere shifted because of their willingness to take a stand. And I know I wasn’t the only one moved by these two women’s boldness and confidence in their God!

It reminds me of Robby Dawkins, a preacher who told of he and his son’s quest to raise someone from the dead. They just knew it was possible. There were several “failed” attempts (as in, the person is still awaiting the return of Jesus Christ), although the kid definitely was involved in other miracles like people walking without crutches, but when I saw Robby speak in person last year, it had finally happened! At a small country church in England, he backed down the gates of hell through the power of Jesus Christ and that dead person AROSE.

So keep at it Annie and Maggie – your miracle day is coming!


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