Healing Power – Part 3

One of the most interesting parts of walking with God is finding out how far the ripple effect can go. Remember Patrick, the bartender whose thumb was healed of a skin reaction because my roommates and I prayed for him? (read the whole story here)

That incident happened a few months ago. And just last week, Callie got a job serving at the same restaurant. Now, Patrick has since gone to be a manager somewhere else (in fact, his last day was her first day). BUT the story remains.

One of the dishwashers came up to her just the other day and said “Hey, I hear you prayed for Patrick’s thumb and it was healed.” This is before she had officially met the dishwasher, by the way. Callie affirms his statement, and he goes “That’s cool.”

Since then, he has approached her about his interest in worship music and prayer, and a positive life and spiritual connection has been made. And this is someone that wasn’t even there when we prayed for Patrick in the first place!

Plus, Laura, who was also part of the cool God story when we talked to Patrick, has continued to hang and talk with Callie. There have been coffee chats, worship sessions, and game nights. Laura is still in touch with Patrick, too, who has asked us to come visit when he gets set up at his new restaurant/pub.

Wow. You just never know what the repercussions will be when you open your mouth and shine the light!





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