God’s Got It Covered

God’s Got It Covered:

I love when God answers prayers before they even become prayers – when they’re still a passing thought, desire or request. Here’s a case in point:

When I first visited the First Heavy Metal Church of Christ (which could be a whole blog post in it’s own with the testimonies I heard!), their “house band” is a blues-style rockin’ group – who is still all about Jesus. And the worship leader, who also serves as the lead singer, looked very familiar.

Turns out, he was the founder of a band I did a story on when I was just starting as a newspaper reporter almost 10 years ago. I remember meeting this kid (of course now he’s definitely not a kid!) and his band members in their living room, hearing about their dreams and catching on to their excitement. I even went to their CD release concert in downtown Dayton. But then I moved, changed jobs, and they became another file in my “fascinating people” mental cabinet.

And then I see him rockin’ for the Lord at this church! Well, there was a large congregation and I was there with someone else, so I didn’t get to talk to him. Sadness for me. I had the passing thought, just talking to God, of man, I really wish I could have seen him or talked to him in person.

Fast forward two months. I go to a women’s event at the same church, probably 75 people there at least. Women are spread out around the room at the different tables enjoying some delicious desserts (so glad God gave us taste buds and made eating together of such importance!). My friend and I chose a table to sit down at and started a conversation with the woman who happened to be sitting across from us. One of the questions I asked, just getting to know her, was how did you become involved in the church? She said through her son…who is the worship leader.

Yes, my friends, I happened to sit across from the MOTHER of the guy I really wanted to talk to months before. So I still got to catch up, and touch base, and send on greetings. And I love that our good God worked that out just for me – for something I hadn’t even considered a prayer, just a passing desire. So my parting question to you is, what’s on your heart that you thought was too small to ask God for? ‘Cause let me tell ya, ain’t nothin’ that gets past Him!



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