Healing Power, Part 2

I am going to jump right in to this story, so if you would like to read the crazy cool first half, please click here.

So Callie and I are at the bar, where Patrick is training a new girl. When I went and came back from the restroom, Callie and the girl Laura are talking. Turns out, Laura is an amazing Christian who has been all over the world on missions, followed God’s leading to go to some very specific places, but is now back in rural Ohio.

A couple of months before this conversation, she was questioning God about why she was back in Ohio, where she should go next, etc. Laura was in a park in Tipp City, taking a nap in her car, when out of the blue she wakes up and hears very clearly someone’s phone conversation (this so reminds me of God answering Gideon through someone else’s dream, Judges chapter 7). This someone is telling the person on the phone about how they followed God to come out here to Ohio, how God is teaching them about a relationship with Jesus, and several other things that were the exact answers Laura needed to hear. Then the girl on the phone got in her car and drove away.

Fast forward to two weeks before Callie and I were in the restaurant. Laura is back at the park, sees that same car, and watches the girl who was on the phone get out with two other people. She thinks, God, I have got to meet this girl. I need to know her; we need to connect.

Can you guess who that girl was? Callie! So when we just happen to walk into the bar that night that Laura was behind it, her inward jaw dropped and her praise hit the roof! And another quinky-dink (that is absolutely not a coincidence), Laura was supposed to be working the floor at the restaurant that night. She had just told her manager, you know, I would just really like to work behind the bar, get to learn that area a bit. And if she had been on the floor serving, the restaurant was busy enough we likely would have never even ran into her! Is God good or what? It just amazes me the puzzle pieces He can put together.

And yes, Callie and Laura have gotten together since then, and have started to develop a beautiful God-seeking friendship!


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