Tears & Cheers at Office Depot

I love how God can take something that seems like a hassle and turn it into a divine encounter.  My laptop charger broke, totally my fault, and I really didn’t like the idea of paying out the nose for a new one. So by the time I got to Office Depot, that was at least my third store and I was realizing that there really isn’t a “cheaper” version of a charger for my particular computer. So fine.

I get the appropriate charger and get in the checkout line. You ever walk in a place and feel like something is off? A lot of times that’s our spiritual instinct (God calls it “holy spirit”) waving a red flag. That red flag was swinging in the breeze that day. And by the time I got to the cash register, the young man behind the register was in tears.

Have you ever seen a man cry? As a female, it can be very disconcerting (heck, as a guy it’s probably disconcerting). And Toby wasn’t just tearing up, there were streams running down his face. And neither he, nor his manager behind him, seemed to acknowledge the fact that something was wrong. My first thought, wow, this is awkward. Second thought – I have to respond to this (one day that will be my first thought!).

So I said, “Been one of those days, huh, Toby?” He hesitantly smiled and said “oh yes m’am.” I asked him what time he got off of work, and he said 9 p.m. Ouch – at this point it was barely past 2. I said, “well Toby, I’m just going to believe that God gives you the strength and peace you need to get through the rest of your day.” The smile got a little bigger – “well, thank you for that m’am, I really appreciate it.”

Then as he was handing me my bag, I stopped right there and looked him in the eye and said “Toby, I know I don’t know you very well, but I know that God loves you. And He is going to take care of you and see you through.” And the sun broke through – a genuine grin. Followed by a gushing of thank you’s.

I don’t know what Toby was dealing with, but I know that God does. I prayed for Him as soon as I walked out of the building, and I fully believe that regardless of what the situation was – and whether or not it got handled the way he wanted it – that the fact that God sent some random blonde chick to encourage him made a difference in Toby’s mental and emotional wellbeing. Even if that chick was upset about being there in the first place.

Oh, Joyell, when will you learn life is not all about you??


3 thoughts on “Tears & Cheers at Office Depot

  1. Loving your blogs! Everyday the doors of opportunity are wide open to each of us, to bring heaven here on earth to others. Our Papa-God is truly moving and grooving among us. United with ya beloved!!! ❤


  2. Awesome story Joyell. I love how God works through us to bless others. It’s such a blessing to be a part of God’s plan – even if it isn’t in our plan.

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