Healing Power – Part 1

A few weeks ago, my two roommates, Callie, Caroline and I were at a restaurant in Tipp City. It had such a nice bar that we decided to sit at the bar instead. The bartender, Patrick, had a big bandage on his thumb. I remember hearing several great men and women of God before say about a cast or bandage – “that’s a target!” As in, an opportunity to show the love of God and for healing to happen.

So I asked him, “Patrick, what’s up with your finger?” (I later learned one of my roommates was thinking “Joyell, how rude!”) He said he had a skin disease and it wasn’t painful, but sometimes it acted up and right now it looked really ugly. Since he worked so much with his hands, he just bandaged it up so as to not offput his customers.

Right before we left, I said to him, “Patrick, we believe in a God who can heal people and in the power of prayer. Would you mind if we just prayed for you right now?” He looked slightly off-kilter but said sure!

So he put his hand on the bar, I put my hand on his thumb, and the girls put their hands over mine (the same roommate who originally thought I was rude was now thinking, “I can’t believe we’re doing this, but this is cool”). I prayed for the finger to clear up, any irritation to go away, and for God to show Patrick how much He loves him, in the powerful name of Jesus Christ. As we got up to leave, I said Patrick, I’m believing for your hand to clear up and will be back to hear how it goes!

Side note in here before we conclude the story: it was a popular day at the restaurant, so the bar had been hopping the whole time we were there. But by the time we went to pray with Patrick – we were the only ones sitting at the bar. And when we were finished – people started to sit down and fill it up again!

So three weeks later, Callie and I go back – completely by accident, really, as the place we were planning to go had closed early. As soon as I walk in, I said to Callie, “I wonder if he’s going to remember us.” We walk up to the bar, greet Patrick, and ask him about his finger. He tried to play it off, but when he showed us his hand, I’m telling you, it looked about as dry as my hand in winter. I said, “Patrick, that looks great!”

Then he admitted that he was just talking about us the other day. He was telling some customers about these girls that prayed for him at the bar. And the customer asked, “Well did it work?” He told the customer, “Yeah, actually it did.” To which that person replied, “Well shoot, when she’s coming back? ‘Cause I got this knee problem!”

Before we left, I told Patrick that if that happened again, he could pray for that person just as easily. I said, “it’s not us, it’s God!” And then I looked right at the guy at the end of the bar who’d been kind of staring at us as we were talking and said “you know, God can do the same thing for you too!”

And friends, that’s just the first part of how God moved at the restaurant. Stay tuned for part two – you are not going to believe who Patrick happened to be working with that second time around!


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