Found in a Crowd

Have you ever been to The Living Word church in Vandalia? It’s a big place! And Vandalia is about two towns over from where I work. One night I was at a citywide conference there (more like statewide, because there were people from Cincinnati and Toledo) hosted by As One Movement called Revive Dayton. Great speaker, great message, and that’s a whole other story.

At the end of the evening, the main speaker – a guy from Las Vegas who was all about turning spiritual heads – asked us all to come to the front. We’re talking at least 300 people, possibly more. He prays for us all, and then tells us to get with someone nearby and pray a blessing nearby. The two people I was with turned away from me to pray with other people, and before I had time to consider ‘what’s up with that’, there was a tap on my shoulder.

An older woman behind me says “I think I need to pray for you.” Well okay – I had never seen her before in my life, but I am certainly not one to turn down prayer! So she starts to pray, very specifically, and it was clear God was working through her to say some of the things she said to me. It was very encouraging, but more so in a “gird your loins” kind of way (our vernacular would say “man up”) than a “oh you’re so loved and special” kind of way.

When she was finished, she introduced herself. It turned out, Carey lived one street down from where I work – a small library in the smaller town of West Milton. She actually is one of our patrons! Did I mention this was a statewide conference?? Every time I see her now, I am reminded of the personal care our God takes to reach each one of His children.

And Carey, thank you for having the courage to go after a completely random stranger to follow through with what God was asking you to do!


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