God Is My Social Planner – Bonus!

God’s perfect timing is at it again. My church partners with a middle school ministry that does “Higher Grounds,” Christian clubs that meet before or after school. The meetings include games, a message and a chance to connect with the students and show them their value. It’s such a special time, and I love the opportunity.

However, it means that my interaction with the students is limited. We’re not swapping numbers; I’m not meeting their parents; I’m not running into them at a church function. One of the eighth graders, Ernie, had said at our last meeting that he would really like to keep a club going at his high school. He gave the leader his mother’s number, and they were supposed to connect over the summer.

Sunburst Grunge

Fast forward to the beginning of the school year. I was walking into a CVS a few miles down from the middle school, and Ernie pops into my mind. I wonder how he’s doing and if he ever connected with the leader. I made a mental note to check with my cohort later that afternoon.

Now pay close attention, readers. Here’s where God makes Himself abundantly known. As I’m walking out of CVS, Ernie and his dad are walking right in front of me; I could have bumped into them! Ernie was actually the one that stopped and noticed me first – my brain didn’t even comprehend that it was him right away.

Even more miraculous – they weren’t even going into CVS. They were literally walking by the store on their way to somewhere else. And I just happened to walk out at that precise moment. God’s exact timing is out of this world sometimes!

Epilogue: It turned out that there was already a Christian club at Ernie’s high school, run by leaders from a church his family had started attending. So not only was he able to connect with a group of believers at school, it was with Christian friends he could see outside of school as well!

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