Getting More Than Just Groceries

God’s timing continues to astound and excite me. It’s high school graduation time, which recently placed me in a different part of town than I normally go. I love bringing flowers when my students achieve fabulous things (especially the young men – I think they get gypped on the flower gig too often!).

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So I stop in a grocery store close to the graduation site, and as I’m paying for the flowers, I happen to look up and over the lanes. And guess what?? There paying for his own groceries was a minister that I worked with, but hadn’t seen in over a year.

You know where you cautiously call out someone’s name, because you can’t really believe it’s them and don’t want to look like an idiot (which is too late many times in my case LOL).

Yes, it was him! He was just as excited to see me. Since the graduation was at an odd time in the afternoon, I had not made any plans for the evening. So when he mentioned about getting together with him and his wife and catching up, I threw out, well I happen to have tonight free…

Now readers, how often is it that someone is available on a Friday night with two hour notice – but they were! We had a lovely time catching up after the ceremony. What an unexpected blessing. That’s one of the reasons I love walking with the Lord – I just never know who He might place in my path!

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